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During the holidays juggling it all can feel a little overwhelming from the extra activities and presents to wrap, to the cookies to bake and halls to deck…. you get the picture. And yet, I think it’s especially important to stay healthy, fit, and organized this time of year.

To keep it all together and prioritize my responsibilities I found a time-saving rescue. I open the app and get-by with a little help from my friends at Blue Apron—because the last thing I need right now is to run into one more store.

But there are other advantages too… 

Fresh Ideas

I’ll be honest. Too much on my plate leads to meal planning failure, which leads to recipe rut, which leads to palette fatigue, which leads to lack of creativity. Oh no! That’s the last thing I need during the holidays when creativity is at a premium. So, I fire up my subscription to Blue Apron (which you can snooze at anytime) and leave the menu planning and grocery shopping to them.

Great Menus • No Hassles

Blue Apron’s chef-inspired food pairings, fresh ingredients, and new flavors are a gift to me and my husband this time of year. The menus are restaurant quality without the hassle of crowds and waiting for tables. Instead, we opt to cook together in our own cozy kitchen while enjoying the view of our Christmas tree!

A Cooking Lesson To Boot

When you order your subscription and figure out the cost of a meal plan it’s about the same as eating out moderately at a restaurant minus the tax and tip. However you are getting so much more—a cooking lesson from one of Blue Apron’s chefs. The company’s name actually comes from the blue aprons worn by apprentice chefs in France. The Blue Apron has become the symbol for lifelong learning in cooking. And, isn’t that we’re all trying to do?!

Each meal comes with prepping and cooking instructions, along with wine pairings. If you are new to the kitchen or would like to elevate your culinary skills, Blue Apron serves as an excellent school. The instructions offer easy-to-follow thorough steps with cooking terms and techniques, food pairings and plating pictures—because we eat with our eyes.

I have cooked for many years and still learn something new from each order I’ve placed. 

Healthy Eating Goals

Granted, this is a tough time of year to stay on track, but I’ve found ordering a meal kit ahead makes me less likely to order out for pizza while wrapping gifts or picking up fast food on the way home from work or errands. I like knowing I have a healthy alternative waiting for me in the refrigerator, with all ingredients accounted for and ready to prepare. 

I’m a firm believer in having a plan for dinner and mostly eating meals at home because cooking at home bonds couples together through conversation, gives you the opportunity to learn new skills, and offers you a chance to lean on each other’s strengths in the kitchen.

I lean on Blue Apron when I want to:

• Save valuable time during the holidays

• Skip the Menu planning and grocery shopping

• Explore fresh inspiring culinary ideas

• Learn a new technique, term or ingredient in the kitchen

• Stick with healthy eating habits

And during this topsy-turvy holiday season that’s reason enough.

Need Some Help This Season or, Want to Gift a Friend?

Click the coupon below to receive your fresh box of help from Blue Apron!

Hugs out! Laura

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