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12 Tips Before Christmas • Tip 6

Prepping for Drop-in Holiday Guests

Charcuterie Gathering

‘Tis the season for drop-in guests.

Prepare for them by stocking up on easy-to-pull-together appetizers, snacks and beverages.

If you have an open-door policy and long to make friends and family feel welcome when they drop-by unannounced, go the extra mile and surprise them with some special edibles as well.

Put On a Spread and Watch ’em Smile

From cream cheese with fig spread and crackers, to nuts, grapes and sliced apples, these ingredients are fun to pull together while guests linger and talk in the kitchen. Add hard salami to bring a nice savory surprise and round out the flavors. 


Because you are mostly cutting fruit and arranging a tray of simple food you had on-hand there is an unspoken message it’s no trouble at all. Continued chatting while you work keeps the party going.

And, isn’t that what great hosting is all about?

Plan ahead

All of these ingredients have a long shelf life, or last in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks, so if you purchase now and have on hand, you know you’ll always be organized and ready.

If you plan to invite guests over or bring an appetizer to a party, I have a treat for you! Check out these three warm and hearty party pleasers. They strike a home run as they are easy to prepare, require little prep time, and only need a few ingredients.

MyTip: Many parties this time of year run right through dinner substituting appetizers as a meal. Be prepared with an offering that satisfies.


For beverages, keep a bottle of chilled white wine and flavored sparkling water in the refrigerator, or add robust flavors yourself with fresh lemon or lime slices, or aromatic rosemary sprigs. Add a splash of cranberry for just the right amount of holiday—Cheers!

Need a Little Help?

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Find appetizers and other inspirational recipes from Our Newlywed Kitchen and get your holiday gatherings started with a smile.

Click here for ONK Recipes.

Hugs out! Laura


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