A dream realized

A few years ago I realized our kitchen table had been a very special place for my husband and me. And, it only grew more special as we added children around it. As the kids transitioned to the college years and left the nest, I came to the realization I had a message to share but was uncertain who would listen. I was stalled until I stumbled onto you, the newly engaged and the newlywed.

During that time, our firstborn, only daughter didn’t share my love for the kitchen. “That’s fine.” I thought. “Just not her thing”. But when she got engaged something in her changed. I noticed she began peppering me with questions around the same time she started planning her registry. I witnessed her transformation and figured out something very special: she wasn’t interested in my kitchen, but she did dream of hers…theirs.

I suddenly remembered that’s when my interest in the kitchen changed as well. Lightbulb– I’d found my audience! My special niche would be the bride-to-be or newlywed. My conversation would be with you.

Maybe you’ve never been interested in cooking or hosting. It’s not a part of life we’re doing a good job handing down. But, like my daughter, if this new stage of life finds you with a fresh sense of curiosity, then you have landed in the right place!

And you know what? Your timing is perfect because something else has changed. I’ll give you a hint. There’s a very small, very intentional word added to the title of my book. It doesn’t read “My Newlywed Kitchen”,  it reads “Our Newlywed Kitchen”. You’re not going to do this by yourself. It’s meant to be explored together. Kitchens are now center stage in our homes. Make it center stage in your marriage!

So, let’s start changing lives—one kitchen at a time!

Hugs out, Laura

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