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About the author

Laura Schupp

Laura grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida, where she met and married her husband, Thom. As a child, Laura watched her mother, grandmothers, and aunts take turns bringing people together to celebrate life’s special moments, both big and small. Laura continued their tradition later on as she planned the fellowship and fun at these family celebrations.

After a family move to the Nashville area, Laura embraced her ability to create a sense of belonging. She discovered she could make a new place feel like home simply by gathering everyone around the table. When both her daughter and niece became engaged and married in the same year, Laura answered their many questions, happily providing guidance and a little wisdom along the way. That’s how Our Newlywed Kitchen was born. Now you, too, can learn the timeless art of nurturing people through the heart of the home—your kitchen.

Inspiration from Laura

I’ve always found great comfort in and around the kitchen, not only in the food that we need for nourishment, but also through the relationships and beauty found there. For in this space, every sense God gave us is stimulated, nourished, and revived. I’m praying that your marriage be renewed, refreshed, and strengthened daily through your relationship with Christ and through the heart of your home.

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