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Our Newlywed Kitchen offers inspiration on the wide array of challenges a new bride or couple will face as they tie the knot. From wedding registry selections and kitchen essentials to quick and easy recipes, planning the perfect gathering, building traditions and more, Our Newlywed Kitchen takes a deep dive into giving you control over the heart of the home—your kitchen. 


Tethered by the women of my youth: mother, grandmothers and aunts, my extensive family and I took every opportunity to celebrate life’s moments, big and small, through gatherings wrapped around the kitchen and table. Little did I know the lasting impression these gatherings would have on my future family.

After marriage, my husband and I uprooted our young family, followed a dream under God’s inspiration, and relocated south of Nashville to the historic town of Franklin, Tennessee. Our faith was strengthened daily by a community of gracious neighbors who would become dear friends and extended family. It was during this time I found myself leaning on my ability to create a sense of belonging. I discovered a new place could feel like home simply by gathering everyone for food, fellowship, and fun.  

When college beckoned our daughter to leave the nest, I realized she could lean into the teachings of her youth as a salve. What happened next was amazing! Instead of grieving the empty chair at the table during dinner, the life experiences built around our table were blossoming into an idea for a new book.

Five years later, when both my daughter and niece became engaged and married in the same year, I found my audience—the bride-to-be. In their eagerness to begin registries, my daughter and niece aimed their questions at me. I was only too happy to provide guidance, a little wisdom, and heartfelt solutions. From these encounters, Our Newlywed Kitchen was born. 

I sincerely hope you enjoy and are inspired by Our Newlywed Kitchen. Both the book and blog were created to give you the control you’ll need to succeed in your kitchen and beyond. 

Hugs out!


Our Newlywed Kitchen • FROM AUTHOR, LAURA SCHUPP

ONK will inspire newlyweds to build a loving, nurturing home—one meal at time. From tips about creating the perfect registry to putting all those new gifts to work, this beautifully illustrated guide is all the inspiration newlyweds will need to thrive in the heart of the home—the kitchen.

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