The Amazing 6-Minute Dinner

What, you don’t believe me?
It’s really easy when you make a plan. 

Coming home from a ski trip our flight from Denver landed right at that bewitching hour—dinner time. If you travel at all, you’ve been there so I’m sure you know the drill. Prior to leaving town you try to eat up all the fresh food to prevent spoilage, however, upon returning home there’s nothing handy to prepare for a quick and easy dinner.

I knew when I booked the return flight our crew would be coming in hungry. Add in a baggage claim stop and shuttle time to our cars and we wouldn’t be home from the airport until about 8:00 pm. Our little guys would be cranky and need to go to bed quickly, big guys too for that matter, not to mention I’d be tired and not in the mood to prepare much.

Yes, we could’ve stopped at a fast food restaurant, or ordered pizza and picked it up on the drive in, but I knew we’d be tired of spending money, tired of eating out, and then there’s the urgency for bedtime for our little ones.

Having been here a time or two before I planned ahead by making sure I had these ingredients on hand before we left for vacation. No time for stopping at a grocery store on this hectic night even if it is only a block away. 

Tortellini Soup to the rescue!

If travel isn’t in your plans this weekend, Tortellini soup is a great dish to keep on hand for last minute dinners, or the dreaded, “You have to be where in 30 minutes?”

I also like knowing it’s handy if unexpected guests stop by and conversation lingers into dinner time. Whatever your reason, I promise, six minutes and it’s on the table.

Start the timer now and let’s go….


32 oz box chicken broth

15 oz can stewed tomatoes 

19 oz bag of 3 cheese Tortellini (frozen, or refrigerated works too as it keeps up to a month)

2 tsp dried Italian seasoning

1 clove garlic (minced)

2 green onions (sliced)  

Parmesan cheese (shaved)  

Fresh spinach (optional)

Croutons for garnish (optional)


In a Dutch oven over medium heat add box of broth, can of tomatoes, frozen or refrigerated Tortellini and Italian seasoning. Peel and mince garlic and slice green onions adding both to the pot. Cook for 2-3 minutes, (do not boil) or until Tortellini floats. Serve immediately in bowls and garnish with fresh shaved Parmesan cheese. Want to add a little more nutrients and make a presentation? Throw in a big handful of fresh spinach to the pot at the end and top it off with large croutons. All fresh ingredients keep in your refrigerator for a couple of weeks to a month and the rest has a long shelf— and freezer—life. 


I keep these ingredients on hand but don’t use them until I need a “Rescue Meal.” Garlic, scallions and fresh spinach are staples in our home. I don’t put this meal in my regular rotation so we’re never tired of it when it’s time to pull it out for a quick and satisfying answer to dinner.

Did you try it and love it? Share your last minute dinner rescue story in comments.


Hugs out! Laura

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